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The scope of the gear pump

Autor: IKV

  Gear pump can be used in mechanical process, improve the production efficiency, stable output pressure, better use of the gear pump.So what is the scope of the gear pump?How to more effective use of gear pump?Now please IKV (Shanghai) industrial co., LTD to detailed introduce to you.

  In the chemical and oil production, material, semi-product, and products are liquid, and the material made into semi-product and products, demand through the clutter of technology process, gear pump in the process of these played the supply and delivery of liquid chemical reaction, the effect of the pressure flow in addition, also use the pump in the number of devices to regulate temperature in agricultural production, pump is the main drainage and irrigation machinery.Rural China broad picture of the original, every country needs a large number of pumps, in general agricultural pump accounts for more than half of total pump output in the mining and metallurgical industry, pump is using most of the equipment.Mine pump drainage, demand in dressing, exercise, and in the process of rolling, the need to pump water supply first, etc.Part in electric power, nuclear power plant needs nuclear main pump and secondary pump, pump, thermal power plant needs a large number of boiler feed water pumps, condensate pumps, circulating pumps and ash pump, etc.Varieties of heavy and complicated and pump transporting liquid, such as carrying water (water, sewage, etc.), oil, acid alkali, suspension, and the liquid metal, etc.